Will Hunt - Weight of the World Drum Cam (2012)

Will Hunt shared another video of him playing the drums in Weight of the World. This video was recorded at Evanescence's concert in London in 2012.

Previous videos he shared were him playing "Going Under" and "What You Want".

Troy McLawhorn Was Doing Construction Work Before Evanescence Called Him (2013)

In August 2013, during Evanescence's hiatus, guitarist Troy McLawhorn was interviewed by Munib Nawaz from Radio1 FM 91 Pakistan.

The interview lasted for more than 47 minutes, but at 26:40 Troy told us that before Evanescence's tour manager (Andrew Weiss) called him to fill in for John LeCompt who left in 2007, he was doing a construction work in Miami.

He said that he couldn't find any job in Atlanta, so he became a construction worker to build a mall in Miami. When Evanescence called him, he was very excited.

He had to learn 20+ songs from Evanescence in a short time, but since he grew up playing in bands where he played cover songs, he didn't really have a hard time doing it.

Truth - Simone Simons about Evanescence (2013)

It's the truth.

Simone Simons from Epica didn't say a word about hating Evanescence.

In the interview, she said that Evanescence's music is different from Epica. And yes, that's true. I guess nobody likes to be compared when it comes to music.

However, of course Evanescence isn't pop-rock. In fact, if you try to categorize Evanescence, you can check out this interview:


Just chill out and enjoy the music.



Amy Lee's Sudden Appearance at A Halestorm Concert (2013)

When Evanescence was on hiatus in 2013, Amy Lee tweeted that she was going to a friend's concert in New York City, but didn't tell the fans who the friend was. Turned out that she went to Halestorm's concert and performed another duet with vocalist Lzzy Hale in the song "Break In".

The duet was also performed in their past shows, during the Carnival of Madness 2012.

As Evanescence was taking a break, she appeared with a colored hair.

the new hair

Troy McLawhorn, Dave Ellefson, Pete Murray, Neil Godfrey, & Sal G - No Words (Live) (2013)

A live performance (on April 24, 2013) of "No Words" from the soundtrack of Fran Strine's documentary film Battlefield of the Mind co-produced by Staind's Aaron Lewis.

Evanescence's Troy McLawhorn was performing with Dave Ellefson (Megadeth), Pete Murray and Neil Godfrey (Lo-Pro), and Sal G (Staind). The song was performed during a benefit gig for the Battlefield of the Mind, a documentary about the details of what homeless U.S. military veterans in Afghanistan and Iraq go through including PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder leaving afflicted veterans in a downward spiral after returning home from war.

Musicians Joining the "Battlefield of the Mind"  Benefit Gig

Troy contributed to the soundtrack in the songs "Wake of War" and "Not Like You".

  1. “War Isn’t Over Yet“ - Eye Empire
  2.  “Give Me Life“ - Lo-Pro
  3. “Tear It Down” (Mike Mushok, Pete Murray, David Ellefson & Sal G)
  4. “Wake Of War” (Troy McLawhorn, D.C., Mike Mushok, Corey Lowery & Mike Froedge)
  5. “No Words” (feat. Mike Mushok, Pete Murray, David Ellefson & Sal G)
  6. “Not Like You” (feat. Troy McLawhorn, Pete Murray & Mike Froedge)
  7. “When“ - Life On Planet 0
  8. “Witness“ - Viasava
  9. “Drop Us In Hell” (feat. Sal G & Joseph Dougherty)
  10. “Awakening“ - When Earth Awakes
  11. “Wake Up” (feat. Michael Benedetto & Keith Caro)
  12. “Save Me” (feat. Michael Benedetto & Keith Caro)
  13. “Ask McFly“ - The Dreaded Marco
  14. “Hollow Destination“ - Otan Vargas

Troy & Amy McLawhorn Interview (Audio) (2013)

click image to play the audio

Troy McLawhorn and his wife, Amy McLawhorn, being interviewed in a podcast by Strip Club Radio Show.

Troy had just got back home after touring with Sevendust to fill in for Clint Lowery for 3 weeks while Evanescence was still on hiatus. He said that they did 16 shows in 19 days, so he got sick after that.

Will Hunt - $10,000 Drum Kit (2011) and The Other Side Drums (2012)

This is a short video recorded by Will Hunt when he was recording with Evanescence in 2011. In this video he is showing you the drum kit - priced $10,000 according to him. The self-titled album was recorded in the Black Bird Studio in Nashville, and it was produced by the Grammy-winning Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Deftones, Stone Sour, Rush, etc).

He also uploaded a video of him playing the drums for The Other Side:

While he uploaded the videos to the fans in Easter 2013, he was working with Device with Disturbed's frontman David Draiman as Evanescence was still on hiatus.

Here are other drum cam videos he uploaded earlier: