Troy McLawhorn Was Doing Construction Work Before Evanescence Called Him (2013)

In August 2013, during Evanescence's hiatus, guitarist Troy McLawhorn was interviewed by Munib Nawaz from Radio1 FM 91 Pakistan.

The interview lasted for more than 47 minutes, but at 26:40 Troy told us that before Evanescence's tour manager (Andrew Weiss) called him to fill in for John LeCompt who left in 2007, he was doing a construction work in Miami.

He said that he couldn't find any job in Atlanta, so he became a construction worker to build a mall in Miami. When Evanescence called him, he was very excited.

He had to learn 20+ songs from Evanescence in a short time, but since he grew up playing in bands where he played cover songs, he didn't really have a hard time doing it.


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