Troy McLawhorn, Dave Ellefson, Pete Murray, Neil Godfrey, & Sal G - No Words (Live) (2013)

A live performance (on April 24, 2013) of "No Words" from the soundtrack of Fran Strine's documentary film Battlefield of the Mind co-produced by Staind's Aaron Lewis.

Evanescence's Troy McLawhorn was performing with Dave Ellefson (Megadeth), Pete Murray and Neil Godfrey (Lo-Pro), and Sal G (Staind). The song was performed during a benefit gig for the Battlefield of the Mind, a documentary about the details of what homeless U.S. military veterans in Afghanistan and Iraq go through including PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder leaving afflicted veterans in a downward spiral after returning home from war.

Musicians Joining the "Battlefield of the Mind"  Benefit Gig

Troy contributed to the soundtrack in the songs "Wake of War" and "Not Like You".

  1. “War Isn’t Over Yet“ - Eye Empire
  2.  “Give Me Life“ - Lo-Pro
  3. “Tear It Down” (Mike Mushok, Pete Murray, David Ellefson & Sal G)
  4. “Wake Of War” (Troy McLawhorn, D.C., Mike Mushok, Corey Lowery & Mike Froedge)
  5. “No Words” (feat. Mike Mushok, Pete Murray, David Ellefson & Sal G)
  6. “Not Like You” (feat. Troy McLawhorn, Pete Murray & Mike Froedge)
  7. “When“ - Life On Planet 0
  8. “Witness“ - Viasava
  9. “Drop Us In Hell” (feat. Sal G & Joseph Dougherty)
  10. “Awakening“ - When Earth Awakes
  11. “Wake Up” (feat. Michael Benedetto & Keith Caro)
  12. “Save Me” (feat. Michael Benedetto & Keith Caro)
  13. “Ask McFly“ - The Dreaded Marco
  14. “Hollow Destination“ - Otan Vargas


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