[Full Concert] Evanescence Live @ Pepsi Music Argentina (2012)

Here's a 6-part full concert of Evanescence live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The band performed at Pepsi Music Festival on October 21, 2012.

This was another concert they played at an event by Pepsi after Pepsi on Stage 2012 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, when they played "If You Don't Mind" for the first time ever (they didn't play the song in Argentina, though).

The Setlist for this concert was:

1.What You Want
2. Going Under
3. The Other Side
4. Weight of the World
5. Made of Stone
6. Lithium
7. Lost in Paradise
8. My Heart Is Broken
9. Whisper
10. Oceans
11. The Change
12. Call Me When You're Sober
13. Imaginary
14. Bring Me to Life


15. Disappear
16. Your Star
17. My Immortal

Unfortunately, they did not stream the concert in HD. But if you want some videos with better quality, you can check out the following videos (What You Want, Going Under, The Other Side, CMWYS, and Bring Me To Life) :



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