Amy Lee Didn't Credit Herself for the Success of Other Female-Fronted Rock Bands (2013)

An interview of Amy Lee by ScuzzTV, the highest-rated rock and metal TV station on UK satellite.

One of the interesting parts of the interview is when Amy revealed that she hated the rap in Bring Me To Life. Turned out that when Evanescence was signed, the band was forced by their record label to hire a full-time male rapper for the band, but they refused. They only agreed to use a male vocalist (Paul McCoy of 12 Stones) in Bring Me To Life.

After Evanescence released Fallen, female-fronted rock bands like Lacuna Coil and Nightwish got much more attention (they've been around for a long time before Evanescence), and when Scuzz asked her about that, she answered that she did not credit herself for that, but regarding women in rock, she said "the more the merrier".

Amy also revealed that the cover for the single Together Again was her artwork. The sales of the single were donated to earthquake victims in Haiti in 2010.


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