Evanescence - "We Don't Get Into Politics and Religion" (2012)

An interview backstage with Evanescence before they played at Pepsi Music Festival 2012 in Argentina. 

The interviewer asked a question about the U.S. presidential election in 2012, and they said that they didn't get into politics and religion (even though some people considered them as a Christian band back in the day) because they had so many fans with different beliefs, and that all of the band members also had different beliefs. Will Hunt added that talking politics would never end up good as everyone had different opinions.

The interviewer also asked of whether music could be mixed with politics, and since Evanescence never talked about politics in their songs, Amy Lee said it's everyone's choice but it's not theirs.

Here's another interview with them:

In the previous tour, The Open Door, John LeCompt and Rocky Gray were still in the band. The fans were very enthusiastic, and the band members had a chance to visit some parts of Buenos Aires. They even went to a fortune teller (who was apparently not a real fortune teller).


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