Amy Lee - "I can't eat 3 hours before the show" (2012)

Evanescence's Amy Lee at a Show in Brazil, 2012

An audio interview with Amy Lee conducted by LA X - FM (103.9), Bogota, Colombia when the band was still in Brazil.

Note: The actual interview lasts for about 7 minutes and 30 seconds, while the rest they played "The Other Side".

In this interview, Amy said that she loved Twitter as it's a great means to connect with the fans directly. When the interviewer asked about her specific ritual before each show, she answered these:

  • She couldn't eat about 3 hours before the show
  • The band had sound-check and invited some fans to watch and get autographs
  • She tried to be quiet / not talk too much
  • Hung out with the guys for a few minutes, did some stretching, and listened to some music


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