Old-school Tim McCord (Pre-Evanescence) - Interview + Pics (2003)

Tim in Revolution Smile's music video "Bonethrower"
Tim's interview with Toazted back in 2003 about The Revolution Smile

I decided to post this after I read Tim's tweet today:

Since Tim's claim to fame was when he joined Evanescence back in 2006, many fans are actually still curious about what he did and what he looked like in the past.

Sigh...So if you're a type of fan who've for some reasons ever been curious about Tim McCord's hair just like you are about Justin Bieber's hair evolution, here are some pictures of him with long hair when he was still a guitarist in the band "The Revolution Smile":

And here's the video clip where you can see Tim headbang so freakin' hard:


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