Lemmy Kilmister - Listen To Them, You Won't Be Sorry (2011)

The lead vocalist and bassist of the heavy metal band Motorhead, Lemmy Kilmister, admitted that he liked Evanescence. Lemmy has stated in several interviews that he indeed listened to the band.

According to an interview in 2007 by Stay Thirsty Media, he said that Evanescence was great with excellent songs, arrangement, and production and that he had seen them live in Las Vegas.

He revealed some of his favorite records (but he also mentioned his own band, Motorhead), and told us "listen to all of them, you won't be sorry".

This video was uploaded by Rhapsody in March 2011, months before the third studio album of Evanescence was released. In 2012, Amy Lee posted a photo of her and Lemmy backstage when they were touring in Germany.


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