Cristina Scabbia about Evanescence (In Italian) - (2010)

This is an older video I just found (uploaded in 2010), where you can find what Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil had to say about Evanescence. This is when Cristina was told to name / recognize some songs and say anything related to the music.

The Evanescence part starts at 0:38 when they played Bring Me To Life, and (according to the translation from one of the commentators on YouTube) she said that Evanescence is a band they know very well.

Cristina said they'd never met them, but Amy had come to a few concerts of Lacuna Coil and she said they were going to meet them someday. In 2012, at the Revolver's Golden Gods Awards, Cristina and Lzzy Hale presented the Evanescence performance when they played 3 songs at the award.

However, a fan asked if she met Amy during the award, and she answered "unfortunately, we didn't meet!" on twitter.

So immature fans of both Evanescence and Lacuna Coil, just stop hating and arguing on who's better. They all respect each other.


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