Funny Interview - Amy Lee and Goth Boy (Audio) (2003)

A funny audio interview with Amy Lee by a made-up character named "Goth boy" of WNCI backstage in 2003. Even though Amy Lee is not goth and Evanescence consider themselves more as an alternative rock band, in this interview she was being sarcastic. You can also hear her singing "Baby Bumble Bee" with the Goth boy.

One of the sarcasms was this:

Goth boy : "...what is your favorite color?"
Amy        : "Well, if black counts as a color in this bright, disgusting world, I'll have to say black. But if not black, the deepest purple."

In this interview, when asked if she ever got Britney Spears in an alley, she would tie Britney Spears' neck with her corset.

However, after an Evanescence fan made fun of Britney on YouTube using Evanescence's song "Everybody's Fool", Amy wrote on a discussion board that she would NEVER want her picture or Evanescence's music connected to something based on getting enjoyment out of someone else's pain.


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